Feeding your young children the right types of foods is not only important for their health and growth, but it is also vital for their teeth. Young children will be developing their teeth, and it is very important for them to get the right types of vitamins, as this will help their teeth grow in strong and healthy. You can ensure that your child receives the right vitamins for his or her teeth by giving them foods that contain the following vitamins.

Vitamin C

One great vitamin for your child's oral health is Vitamin C, and this vitamin is also great for your child's immune system and overall bodily functions. Vitamin C is primarily beneficial for the mouth from the way it helps with gum health. When your body receives this vitamin, it can help reduce gum inflammation and strengthen the gum tissue in the mouth. It is an extremely helpful vitamin for people who are struggling with gingivitis, which means it is an important vitamin for people of all ages. The best foods to eat for this include oranges, kiwis, potatoes, and leafy green vegetables.


Calcium is also an important nutrient for a child's teeth as the teeth are developing, and this particular vitamin helps give teeth strength. Calcium helps the child's jawbone grow in stronger and provides strength for the enamel on his or her teeth. To obtain calcium, you can give your child milk, dairy products, broccoli, and fish.

Vitamin A

Another important vitamin for the health of teeth is Vitamin A. This vitamin is great for improving the immune system in the body, and having a good immune system helps fight infections in the mouth. Vitamin A also helps support healthy gum tissue and bones. Vitamin A is something you can find in sweet potatoes, carrots, eggs, and milk.


One other vitamin to give your child is potassium, which is found in bananas, avocados, and tomatoes. Potassium is something that helps regulate the acids in the blood level, keeping them at a level that helps the body absorb calcium more effectively.

If you give your child foods that are rich in these vitamins, he or she will probably have healthier teeth. There are other vitamins that are also helpful for a child's teeth, and you can learn more about this by talking to a pediatric dentist or by scheduling a dental cleaning and checkup visit with one in your city.