On the day your orthodontist removes your braces, he or she will fit you for a retainer. You may get this retainer the same day or the next day, and it will be important for you to wear it as your orthodontist recommends. Here are some guidelines to help you use your retainer properly, protect it, and keep it clean.

Wear it all the time

Your orthodontist will tell you to wear your retainer all the time, except when eating, and this is an important rule to follow, especially at first. After getting your braces off, your teeth will want to shift back to where they used to be, but they cannot do this if you wear your retainer. After a few months, your orthodontist might tell you that you no longer have to wear it all the time, but instead, you might have to wear it at night only. Always follow the instructions you are given, as following these guidelines will help you keep your straight teeth.

Keep it clean

Secondly, you should aim to keep your retainer clean, and you can clean it each time you brush your teeth. To clean it, lightly brush it with your toothbrush twice each day. This is really all you need to do to keep it clean and fresh.

Store it in the container your orthodontist gives you

Whenever you take your retainer out, you should follow the rule of putting it in the container your orthodontist gives you. This container is specially designed to hold a retainer, and it will protect it when you are not wearing it. Putting it in this container will also help you avoid losing it, as a retainer is small and easy to misplace.

Never eat with it in your mouth

The other rule you will need to follow is to take your retainer out each time you eat. Eating is the only thing you should remove it for, and this is important because you could damage it if you eat while you are wearing it. After you are finished eating, rinse your mouth with water before putting it back in your mouth. This will help keep bacteria and food particles off your retainer.

If you follow these guidelines, your retainer should last a very long time and should stay clean for as long as you have it. If you ever experience problems with it, make sure you contact your orthodontist clinic right away. Companies like Orthodontic  Smilemaker can help you with other questions.