Getting dentures is a major life adjustment. Some think that having dentures will have a major impact on your lifestyle, causing you to be unable to take part in some of your favorite activities. This is not an uncommon concern for new denture wearers. Fortunately, dentures have come a very long way from what they once were. They look great and are easy to wear and maintain. The following are some things to remember if you are facing dentures:

Practice Speaking

One of the first things you will have to get used to with new dentures is how to speak. You may find it difficult to pronounce certain words and sounds at first. To help alleviate any speaking inabilities, you should practice on a daily basis. For a few minutes each day, spend some time speaking out loud, focusing in on those sounds and words that are giving you trouble. You should also begin to slow your speaking down until you feel more confident when speaking with dentures.

Muscle Tension

Another thing you may notice is some sore muscles in your face. This is because your mouth and facial muscles are adjusting to your new dentures. Natural teeth do not require any muscular support so they are not accustomed to being used regularly. Once you begin using those muscles to help keep dentures in place, much like a workout, your muscles will become sore. Over time, you will notice that the soreness will reduce and completely go away once you are used to the dentures.

Dealing With Adjustments

You may notice that when you move your mouth in a certain way, such as coughing or laughing, your dentures will make a clicking sound or slip out of place. This is normal and easy to deal with once you have some practice. You won't have to remove the dentures to completely reinsert them. You just need to learn how to readjust them. Simply use your tongue and place them in the correct position. Next, you simply need to bite down on them and swallow. This will create just enough suction to keep the dentures in place. You should not even need to use additional adhesive. Over time, you will be able to adjust your dentures without anyone being able to detect what you are doing.

Having dentures can be a big change, but they can have a really positive impact on your self-esteem. Dentures are a great option for missing teeth, especially those in the front. If you are considering dentures, be sure to speak to a dentist, like one from Apollo Dental Center, so see if they are an option.