Every theatrical event needs its props and its costume pieces. If your theater is currently performing a show that requires most of your actors to look older than they are, and you need several sets of dentures, there is a way you can get them rather cheaply for your production. Since dentures can be taken from the imprints of the teeth you currently have, a theatrical set of dentures can be made to fit over the teeth of each individual actor. There are a couple of ways to get them, and here is how.

Ask Dentists for Their Help in Exchange for Free Advertising and Free Show Tickets

In the world of the stage and show, many times the items you need you have to barter for. Dentists need more advertising for their practices, and if they can get it for "free," it is a fairly good trade for what you need. Ask dentists in your area (like Dental Care Of Scottsburg - Randol O Woolbright Jr DDSDental Care Of Scottsburg - Randol O Woolbright Jr DDS) if they would be willing to make and donate sets of dentures, or at the very least, top dentures that can fit any actor in your show. For those that are willing to donate their time and materials to the production, you can give them advertising spots in your program and free tickets to see the show anytime they want during the show's run.

Approach Dental School Students and Dental Schools

Part of a dentist's training in dental school is to make "x" number of pairs of dentures. These students need live models/patients to practice on, so your acting troupe could volunteer to help the dental students. In exchange your actors/actresses get the fake chompers they need for the show. Just be sure to contact the dental school well in advance to your production dates/show times so that the dentists-in-training have enough time to craft all the dentures your group needs.

Ask Around for Denture Castaways

People that pass away no longer need their dentures and are frequently not buried with them. As morbid as this option might seem, it does provide free dentures via a low-income dental program for anyone that applies. The donated chompers you get for free will not be a perfect fit, but if your show has some sort of comedic effect or scene with the dentures, then the poor fit will be exactly what you want anyway. Your actors may also have castoff dentures in their families' homes. These dentures that the actors' families have may be a better fit, since jaw structure often plays a part in the construction of dentures and the actors' and actresses' genetic makeup may provide them with very similar jawlines.