Tooth discoloration is one of the reasons many people enlist for teeth whitening treatments. Some leading causes of tooth discoloration include indulging in dark-colored foods and drinks and smoking tobacco. 

Many people turn to DIY teeth whitening solutions to save on dental treatments. Unfortunately, DIY teeth whitening isn't as effective as dental solutions and can significantly undermine your dental health. Here are the adverse effects of DIY teeth whitening kits.

Gum Irritation

One of the dangers of DIY teeth whitening solutions is gum infection. When you misuse mouth trays and whitening strips, they cause gum irritation. When the whitening solutions contact your gums, you experience a burning sensation. 

Your gums may even turn white after exposure to the whitening treatment. Over time, the whitening product leads to bleeding gums. If you experience these signs, you should stop using the whitening kit and seek medical attention.

Teeth sensitivity

Sensitivity is yet another typical adverse effect of teeth whitening. This arises if you have weak enamel. This is why in-office teeth whitening is recommended because the dentist will take measures to minimize sensitivity.

For example, the dentist will ensure a patient with cavities gets dental fillings before undergoing a whitening procedure. Furthermore, the dentist will apply the whitening solution in the safest way.

Enamel Erosion

The enamel is the upper layer of your tooth. This layer protects your tooth against bacteria and cavities. When this layer is weakened, your teeth are vulnerable to cavities and decay. DIY teeth whitening kits increase the chances of weakening your enamel.

Many DIY teeth whitening trends involve the use of charcoal toothpaste. The same as baking soda, charcoal-based products are abrasive. These solutions weaken the enamel, leaving your teeth susceptible to staining and cavities. 

Furthermore, no treatment can restore its original condition once the enamel is destroyed. While charcoal and baking soda provide short-term lightening effects, they lead to oral health decline in the future.

Unsatisfactory Results

When you invest in DIY teeth whitening kits, you expect to achieve white pearls in the shortest time possible with the least amount of money. However, some solutions lead to unevenly whitened teeth.

Additionally, it's possible that your teeth will maintain their original color. Applying a higher bleaching concentration can lead to enamel erosion and gum irritation or cause irreparable damage to your teeth. 

In Closing

If you intend to use over-the-counter solutions for whitening, consult a local family dentistry professional. They will run tests on you to determine whether a particular treatment will work. To be on the safe side, only get in-office whitening treatments and avoid DIY whitening solutions at all costs.