If your gums are currently receding, there's a procedure known as grafting you might look into. It involves taking gum tissue and placing it around areas where teeth roots are exposed. You can make the most out of this dental procedure if you do a couple of things.

Find Out the Cause

It's very important that you find out the reason for receding gums because it will give you an overall picture of your oral health. For instance, sometimes this issue is caused by periodontal disease — a very serious problem that you would want to know about.

The best place to find out answers is to visit a periodontist (specialist on gums). They'll perform a thorough inspection to find out the culprit, which could be a number of things like brushing too hard, smoking, and the aforementioned gum disease. You'll get answers regardless and can then take the right steps going forward for proper oral care. 

Have All Treatment Options Laid Out

When it comes to gum grafting, there are a couple of ways it can play out. It's nice to have options regardless because you can then focus on a treatment that fits your budget and treats gum recession in an impactful manner. 

Again, you'll want to consult with a periodontist to see what grafting options work for your specific gum recession problem. Grafting treatments can vary in a couple of ways, such as where tissue is removed in your mouth and how it's placed around areas that warrant grafting. Just see what your periodontist recommends and then respond accordingly. 

Understand What Will Happen During Grafting

You may be a little nervous about having this procedure performed by a periodontist, but you can help yourself tremendously by finding out exactly what grafting will entail. There are some common steps you can expect regardless of which grafting procedure is recommended by your periodontist.

For example, you'll receive local anesthesia to prevent pain, your teeth roots will be cleaned, an incision will be made in your gums, and the graft will be placed over exposed teeth roots. Your periodontist can go over each step in greater detail if you would like. 

If you have exposed teeth roots because of gum recession, the best treatment is a graft. It's something that will work out in your favor if you just approach this dental procedure with the right mindset and insights. Ample preparation is key in coming away with healthy teeth and gums. For more information on gum grafting, contact a professional near you.