An auto-order, or automatic order, is an order that goes through on a set schedule, such as once a month, bi-yearly, daily, or as the customer sees fit. A card or account on file is charged and there is no action the customer needs to take to receive their auto-order and keep their inventory in stock.

Your dental practice can benefit from using an auto-order system for your medical supplies. Some dental medical supplies your business cannot function without, even if the supplies are relatively common and not difficult to acquire. Here are just some of them; use the help of a medical supplies distributor to help you get your dental medical supplies on an auto-order system. You can have an auto-order for multiple items to be shipped at once, or have custom auto-orders for many things.

Gloves and masks

Certain times of year are more community disease-ridden than others, upping the necessity for masks for patients as well as your staff. Have an auto-order for surgical, dental, and general masks — for both adults and children — so when pandemics and common cold seasons hit, you're ready.

Gloves should always be in ample supply at your dental practice as well. Have gloves of varying sizes placed on an automatic order to be delivered every few months. For patients who are allergic to certain materials, have special gloves included in the order as well; materials to consider for allergen-free options include vinyl or nitrile. Discuss the price and availability of Latex alternatives with your medical supplies distributor, if applicable.

Toothbrushes and floss packets

Every time a patient leaves your office, they take with them the dental care options that your clinic provides. Keep stocked up on these items in both gender-neutral and age-related categories so you don't run out of supplies when you need them most. Use past inventory needs during both your slow and busy months to help determine how often this auto-order needs to be.

There are other dental medical supplies worth considering putting on an auto-order system so you can have supplies at the ready at all times. You can pause or change an auto-order any time you wish, or change the payment arrangements you have with your medical supplies distributor. Whether you only need supplies every few months or almost daily, your auto orders can be filled with little extra input on your part to keep your dental supplies in high demand and to help you keep your business operating smoothly.