When a person is unable to effectively handle the dental problems that they may encounter, they can suffer especially serious complications or otherwise fail to address the issue. While a dental emergency can be stressful and may seem complicated to address, patients who are prepared for their dental problems will be able to increase the chances of easily repairing the damage to their teeth and gums.

What Can You Do To Handle Dental Swelling?

There are many different dental issues that can result in a person suffering from severe dental swelling. This swelling can be both painful and damaging to the tissue in your gums as well as the nerves in the mouth. Limiting the swelling that occurs after a dental injury can be important for dental patients. An ice pack can be the first line of defense against excessive dental swelling. Also, cleaning the site of the injury or problem can help by reducing the number of bacteria that may contribute to swelling occurring.

What Does It Mean If A Cracked Tooth Is Not Causing Pain?

While a cracked tooth can be a serious dental problem for you to personally experience, it is a fairly common condition for dentists to have to treat. In most cases, a patient will experience severe pain as a result of the cracked or broken tooth due to this exposing the nerve of the tooth. However, some patients will find that they may not experience significant pain at all from this condition. If you find that this is the case with your broken tooth, it may indicate that the crack missed the nerve of the tooth. However, decay can quickly set into the broken part of the tooth, which may reveal the nerve if the damage is not repaired. Conversely, a patient may fail to feel pain from this damage due to the nerve of the tooth having died due to infection or other issues. In this case, a full root canal will almost always be needed as part of the treatment.

What Can Be Done For A Tooth That Is Permanently Stained?

Generally, stains to the teeth will be able to be lifted out with chemical or laser whitening treatments. However, some dental stains will be too deep to be addressed by these treatments, which will result in them being permanent. For patients with this level of staining, bonding material over the exterior of the teeth can be an extremely effective solution for masking the staining that may have occurred.