Once a tooth filling has been put inside your mouth, you may feel the freedom to eat and drink as you did before you started to have cavity issues. However, sometimes that behavior can dislodge a filling. The worsening health of a still-decaying tooth can also allow the filling to slip out. Whatever the reason, worry and concern may be foremost in your mind until you can visit a dentist. Unfortunately, sometimes that isn't immediately possible. If waiting for a new filling or other work is required, try these solutions.

Have some Ibuprofen


Even if the filling is only rolling around in your mouth and you feel no pain, this pain-free state may be only temporary. Remove the filling to avoid choking and monitor your state. If you start to become uncomfortable because a nerve has become exposed to air, have ibuprofen or another over-the-counter medication available. If you reach your dentist during this time, be sure to tell them which and how much medicine you've taken. Observe package guidelines. If you need stronger medication, your dentist may prescribe it for you.


Keep Mouth Clean

Because the filling protecting your tooth is out of place, you need to be very good about keeping your mouth clean until your dental appointment. To that end, salt-water rinses every couple of hours is beneficial. After rinsing, be mindful of what you're consuming. Skip sugary foods or sweet beverages and don't eat popcorn and other foods that will easily become stuck where the filling used to be.

Use Clove Oil

Eugenol, a compound in natural clove oil, is very good at attacking pain. If you're an essential oils aficionado, you might have some clove oil around. However, if not, convenience stores and pharmacies often carry this liquid for dental emergencies. A cotton pad drenched in the oil and placed in the area of pain may produce some comfort.

Purchase Dental Wax

Special wax, also called dental cement, is also out there for people with missing fillings. A tiny bit of it can act as a somewhat temporary filling until you can be seen professionally. If you're unable to locate this wax, in a pinch, sugarless gum is also a possibility.

These solutions should enable you to pass time without getting too worried about the missing filling. Ensure you're in contact with the dental office as much as is possible to make you feel comfortable about what's happening, and get a new tooth filling when possible.