Your smile is healthy, but misalignemnt makes you really uncomfortable about sharing your pearly whites with the rest of the world. Your dentis has recommended braces, but as an adult, your mind starts to churn out all kinds of excuses as to why this is probably a bad idea. It's common for adults to shy away from the idea of getting braces to straighten their smile, so if this is you, you could feel enlightened and a little less put off by looking at some of the truths behind excuses you may have even used. 

Excuse: Having braces as an adult just makes you look silly. 

In Truth: Even though the sight of braces is often associated with the teenage years, there is nothing silly about getting braces as an adult, especially when the end result of a perfectly aligned smile is such a big reward. Not only that, but there are options for braces that are less visible to the outside world, such as invisible braces or braces that mount on the backside of the teeth instead of the front. 

Excuse: Your dental insurance will probably not pay for braces as an adult. 

In Truth: Of course, this will always depend on what type of dental insurance you have, but if there is a proven need for braces, many plans will cover at least some of the cost even though you are an adult. If your particular provider does not cover braces, there are other options. For example, you could take out a dental extension insurance policy that covers some other procedures, such as cosmetic treatments and braces. 

Excuse: Getting braces will make it difficult to eat normal foods. 

In Truth: It is true that having braces can mean you will have to avoid some types of foods, such as crunchy foods that could knock the brackets loose or chewy candy and gum. However, most people do not find that having braces really changes their diet a whole lot. You may have to get used to the braces being on your teeth in the beginning, both when eating and speaking, but once the initial adjustment period is over, you will not have a lot of problems most of the time. 

In the end, you may be apprehensive about getting braces and be able to come up with quite a few excuses why this would not be a good idea for you. Yet, there are many good reasons to kick those excuses to the curb and talk to your dentist about getting a straighter smile you can be proud to show.