Do you have problems with your teeth that you are hoping to fix with dental implants? They are a great solution that can provide you with a permanent fix for missing or decayed teeth. They have the strength of real teeth, with a post that helps stimulate the jawbone and prevent bone loss from occurring. If you need to get more than just one implant installed to correct your problems, it's important to have expectations about what the process will be like. Keep reading to learn more about how it will work.

Prior To The Procedure

Your dentist will perform a checkup that involves taking multiple x-rays in order to understand what is happening in your entire mouth. They will look at the density of your jaw bone in the problem areas and determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. Some situations may require a bone graft before you can get an implant installed, which will improve the strength of that area of your jaw bone. Each implant will need an ample amount of jawbone to be secured to, or else the implant will not have the strength that it needs.

Implant Installation

Installing the titanium posts should be done in a single visit, though, if many posts need to be installed, your dentist may separate it into multiple visits. If you have bad teeth that need to be pulled, it will be done at this time. For multiple teeth, the dentist will provide you with a temporary dental bridge that goes between your implants. You'll need it for chewing and talking until you can have the final dental bridge installed.

You'll be sent home after the procedure, as the titanium posts will need some time to fully integrate into your jaw bone. This could take several weeks or months depending on how your body reacts to the procedure. It may require a follow-up appointment to see how the posts are integrating, and to see if you are on track for proper healing.

Attaching The Dental Bridge

Once your dentist has decided that the posts are fully integrated, you will return to have the dental bridge installed on the implants. All of them will be placed onto the titanium posts in a single visit, and you'll leave the office with new teeth that look perfect.

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