If you are like many other dental patients, you may want a healthy white smile but may struggle with staining. Dental staining can be extremely unsightly, and those with severe staining may find that they are suffering from self-esteem issues as a result. While there are many whitening treatments available, it is important for patients to learn healthy habits that can keep their teeth white. If you are struggling with keeping your teeth as beautiful as possible, the following two tips may prove to be extremely useful to you.

Use A Straw For Pigment Rich Liquids

There are many drinks that may be delicious but that can pose a serious staining threat to your teeth. You may be one of the countless people that relies on a cup of coffee in the morning to get the day going or you might enjoy a glass of strawberry lemonade in the afternoon. While forgoing your favorite drinks to protect your teeth might seem like the best way to keep them safe from stains, it is not always practical or you might not have the willpower to abstain from these drinks.

When you must drink a pigment rich beverage, you should always consider using a straw. While this will not completely eliminate the beverage coming into contact with the teeth, it can greatly minimize it. To further reduce the risk of beverages staining your teeth, you should thoroughly brush shortly after consuming pigment rich drinks to prevent the colors from being absorbed by the teeth.

Eat Raw Vegetables

Eating your vegetables can provide you with numerous health benefits, but many people are unaware that there can be important dental benefits from doing this as well. Raw vegetables are often very crunchy and fibrous. The vibrations from the crunch can help to loosen plaque and tartar, while the fibers can help to remove food particles that are trapped between the teeth.

While the dental benefits of eating raw vegetables may sound similar to flossing, patients should always brush and floss after eating them. This will remove any particles from the vegetables before they can transform into plaque and tartar, which may damage your teeth.

Protecting your teeth from discoloration does not have to be a difficult task if patients make it a point to develop habits that will protect their teeth. By making sure that you are aware of some of the dental benefits associated with drinking from straws as well as eating raw vegetables, it is possible to help keep your smile as bright as possible. Contact your dentist, like George S Cochran DDS and other offices, for more help and tips.