There are a lot of things about your appearance that you may not like. One of those things is your teeth. If you are have teeth problems, one of the things that you can do is to visit a cosmetic dentist who will help you figure out what your options are. There are several things that your cosmetic dentist can do for you. 

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can make you feel very self-conscious. You may think that as an adult you don't have a lot of choices, especially if you don't want to have visible braces. Many adults feel that they don't want to wear visible braces because they are just for children. However, there are a variety of other choices. 

Invisible braces

These braces aren't really braces. They are usually an aligner that is similar to a retainer that you would wear. They are molded to your mouth. When you put the tray on, it is just a little different than your teeth. That causes your teeth to move around. Every so often, you will go back to see the doctor to go get another tray. Each succeeding tray will move your teeth a little more until your teeth are where they should be. 

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are traditional braces with just one twist. Instead of being on the outside of your teeth where everyone can see them, they are on the tongue side of your teeth. They will still straighten out your teeth, but no one will know that you have them unless you tell them. 

Discolored Teeth

As you age, your teeth start to yellow and become discolored. That's just a normal effect of aging and eating. There are some options there as well. 


Veneers are a thin slice of material that is adhered to your teeth. The veneers are usually made out of a dental acrylic or porcelain. The dentist custom molds them to your teeth so that they will fit correctly. 


If the discoloration isn't too bad, then a whitening process would be a good way to take care of the discoloration. There are several ways that your teeth can be whitened. Your dentist may prescribe a whitening toothpaste and a solution that you can use at home which can whiten your teeth at home. 

A cosmetic dentistry specialist will help you to get your teeth to a point where you are happy with your look.