When it comes to dealing with your fear of dental procedures, you could be terrified because you do not stay numb or do not go numb at all after getting shots of local anesthesia. You may be surprised to learn many people have the same issues with the local anesthesia dentists use for numbing. Check out some of the reasons you could have this problems and how you and your dentist can go about fixing it.

Local Anesthesia And Your Nerve Structure

While it is rare, some people have additional nerves supplying their teeth. A variation in the nerve structure can cause it to be hard for you to feel numbness. Some younger people also experience this problem due to the development of nerves and their various placements during development. Bear in mind the location of nerves to the teeth is different in every patient. Your dentist can, however, give you more numbing agent in other areas near the affected tooth for you to experience successful numbing effects. If you always have trouble getting numb at the dentist, discuss your nerve structure with them to learn if that is the reason why.

Infected Teeth Do Not Go Numb

Nothing hurts like an infected tooth. Infected tooth pain can cause you to nearly beg for a shot of numbing anesthesia. However, if you have a pocket of infection near a tooth, the numbing agent will not work as well or not at all. In most cases of infected teeth and abscesses, dentists prescribe antibiotics for you to take a few weeks before having a procedure done. Keep in mind that maintaining regular preventative care visits with your dentist can help you avoid the severe pain of an infected tooth.

Could It Be Anxiety And Nervousness?

Some people have trouble with local anesthesia because of the anxiety they experience about sitting in a dentist's chair. When you are anxious, your body is reacting to the stress causing it by releasing adrenalin, a hormone that plays an important role in the body's fight or flight response. Adrenalin causes your blood pressure to increase, thus also causing anesthesia to be quickly washed out of an area of injection. If you have extreme fear of dental work, talking to your dentist about it can help. If you do not have a regular dentist you trust, taking your time to find one is important. Avoiding proper dental care because you are scared can cause you serious dental and overall health problems in the future.

The nerves in your body make up a complex and amazing messaging center. When local numbing anesthesia does not work for you at the dentist office, making sure you learn the true reasons why is vital to your oral and overall good health.

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