Sometimes unexpected medical issues such as a dental emergency can take the forefront during a vacation, and may need immediate care. While an out of town dental issue can be stressful, it is something that can be managed properly. Here are three steps to take to make sure you get the dental advice and care you may need while on vacation:

1. Assess the Severity of the Dental Emergency

The pain and nature of your dental emergency can dictate your next steps. If you are having an urgent or severe emergency, such as a knocked-out tooth or possible broken jaw, heading the the emergency room immediately is recommended. For other dental problems, such as a broken crown, chipped tooth, or lost filling, you might not be in pain and may be uncertain if urgent care is needed.

For other problems with pain associated, such as a sore tooth or a gum damage, you might not be sure how severe your dental emergency is. Take an inventory of the problem and the pain associated so you can relay this to a medical professional.

2. Call Your Dentist Back Home

Most dentists are happy to counsel you over the phone and discuss dental problems if you are out of town. They can professionally assess over the phone if your needs can wait, and if so, schedule an appoint as soon as you get back home. They may have over-the-counter suggestions or at-home remedies to recommend as well.

If your dentist decides that your case is  more urgent, they can refer you to an emergency dentist in the area if they know of one. Working with your dentist first can help make the best decision for pain management and care.

3. Sourcing a Local Dentist

If you are in need of care while out of town and aren't sure where to begin finding a 24-hour dentist, make sure to ask your hotel manager or local tourism organization for a referral. They are there to help with these types of requests, and have certainly helped others with vacation emergencies. If you are in a different country, they may even be able to help set up an appointment if there is a language barrier.

Emergencies are bound to happen on vacation every once and a while. As a precaution, do make sure you are regularly visiting your dentist so that they have your dental history. This will also ensure that all minor issues are reviewed every six months, to minimize emergencies.  By getting the information you need and the care to remedy your dental problem, hopefully you can then get back to enjoying your vacation.

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